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Drift Records

Drift Records is a casual, non-profit, netlabel. The main goal is to help spread the music, and gain exposure for under-exposed, yet talented artists. This netlabel will feature any genre of music, as long as the mood is not very harsh, but more on the relaxing side.

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Drift Records
Feb 4, 2006
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This is the first album from Kernel32's alter ego, Bannister Boy. It's a little more downtempo and features pianos, strings, and bells being cut up and arranged to create warm atmospheres with very soft and subtle rhythm.
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Topics: idm, drift, bannister boy, kernel32, cut up
Drift Records
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If emotion can be considered a sensation, then Sinestetici and her fellow artists have created a truly synesthetic experience. The listener is taken on a journey of intense emotion as her soothing vocals float in and out of the ambience and intricate rhythms created by Daigoro, DoF, and KiloWatts. This is a fitting first release for Drift Records, as it perfectly captures that "drift" feeling, like a fragile flower petal sailing on an uncertain breeze.
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Topics: IDM, Electronica, Electroacoustic